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Pastoral Counseling at Renew

What is Pastoral Counseling?

Pastoral counseling uses biblical principles and pastoral counseling techniques for the purpose of achieving emotional, relational, behavioral, and spiritual wholeness from a biblical worldview. Some people have asked us if pastoral counseling is only for pastors and our simple answer is, it’s not. This is a service for anyone who wants to remove anything that’s blocking them from experiencing the abundant life Jesus promised.

Pastoral counseling is not meant to replace professional counseling and there are some key differences of which to be aware. In professional counseling, your counselor will be working under a license issued by the State in which they work. In pastoral counseling, your pastoral counselor will be working under their ecclesiastical ordination issued by a church. While professional counseling is designed to treat mental and emotional disorders and includes clinical diagnosis, mental status exams, and a clinical treatment plan, pastoral counseling does not. Because of these differences, pastoral counseling is not covered by your insurance provider.

Pastoral counseling is a ministry of Renew Counseling Ministries that integrates Biblically based principles and theologically consistent counseling techniques to help people discover the wholeness and freedom that Jesus’ sacrifice secured for His church.

Pastoral counseling can be highly effective for those seeking spiritual, emotional, and relational growth from a biblical worldview.

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