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When Gathering Light-A podcast featuring Victoria and Matt Gutbrod

When Gathering Light Podcast:  Join Matt and Victoria Gutbrod as they explore mental health, addiction, healing, change and other relevant topics through the lens of their true source of light, Jesus. 


Music : "Up Ahead"

Artist : Greg Colbeck


Production Services Provided by : Akron Recording Company

Owner : Ben Patrick


“When Gathering Light” was the title of a book Matt wanted to write.  His plans to turn the title into a book was all along God’s plan for a Podcast. Turns out, this podcast is opening more space than what a book can contain, for us to collect stories honoring the healing essence of God’s light. The reality was and is that God has been shaping our lives and marriage so that we could be in a creative space together. We believe that God cleared the debris from our lives so that we can serve Him in the way He desires.


This series of podcasts is our effort at being obedient and honoring God. We didn’t want a series that dumps information on the listener, rather we aimed for conversations with each other, as well as with guests. These are topics that we have discussed on car rides, Sunday mornings, during dark days and sometimes funny, crazy life circumstances. We pray that these dialogs reach the ears and minds that God Intended. We find the life of Christ to be centered on healing. His life was a universal message of compassion and mercy for the sick and the suffering, which is all of us. We hope that you find something in this series that speaks to your heart, and you are encouraged to begin or continue your journey of gathering light.

Follow the link below to listen:

When Gathering Light (

The place we find ourselves Podcast featuring Adam Young LCSW, MDiv

Join Dr. Young as he interviews guests as they discuss all things related to story, trauma, attachment, and interpersonal neurobiology. Available on Amazon, Apple, and Spotify

The Place We Find Ourselves (

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