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Heather Bingaman, CT 
Supervisor: Victoria Gutbrod, LPCC-S

Heather comes to Renew with over 30 years of being passionately involved the in the non-profit world working for positive change for abused women, the homeless, youth that have aged out of foster care, and those struggling with life challenges, Heather is now ready to formally enter the professional field of counseling and is currently a Clinical Mental HealthCare Counseling candidate from Ashland Seminary. 

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Heather's Story

 Heather was raised in North Carolina, the wife of a career military officer, mother to two daughters, past resident of nine different states and is an avid reader and adventurer.  When not counseling, you will find her reading a book, listening to lectures or podcasts, gathering with friends and family, hosting parties, volunteering somewhere, crafting something, traveling with her husband, or hanging out with her two grown daughters.


Heather cherishes her time in the Word as it continuously confirms that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  His love is abundant and everlasting.  May we all learn to have grace for one another and for ourselves.  All are loved.  All are welcome.  You are seen. You are worthy.  You matter.  Come as you are.  There is hope.


Site Location

Fairlawn office and Telehealth


Years in Practice:

Current Practicum and Internship


Clinical Interests:

Embodied Recovery, Trauma, Anxiety, Somatic work, Women issues, Adolescents, Abuse, Grief, and Spiritual Formation


Populations served:

Adults, adolescents, and children

Clinical Training/Certifications:

-EMDR level I and II trained



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