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Lauren Goodlet, MA, LPCC

Lauren comes to Renew with 6 years as a counselor and 4 years of experience working with kids with Autism and their families. She holds a special place in her heart for all those who are struggling and have taken that first step to reach out for help. She is passionate about walking alongside others and helping them come to a place of healing. Lauren views her clients through a trauma lense and one which helps clients to identify parts within themselves that need and can help bring about healing. 

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Lauren's Story

Being invited in to walk alongside others in their struggles is one of the greatest honors.  As a counselor, Lauren loves providing a safe space for clients to explore the deepest parts of themselves and find healing. Since becoming a counselor, Lauren has additionally attended trainings in trauma, including becoming EMDR Level I & II, Experiential therapies, Attachment, Somatic/Sensory work, Formational prayer and many others. She has also worked in the Autism field and is a Board-certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (ABA) and has a special place in her heart for all things Autism.

 When she isn’t at work, you will likely find her spending time with her hubby and their beautiful little boy doing all the fun things a toddler likes to do. She is passionate about her relationship with Jesus, her family, and helping others.


Site Location:

Fairlawn, Ohio (telehealth or in-person)


Populations Served:

16-Adult, Families


Years in Practice:



Clinical Interests: Life adjustments, Autism, Parents and families of children with Autism, Spiritual integration, Anxiety, Mood disorders, Boundaries, Trauma, Attachment, Formational Prayer


Clinical Trainings:

EMDR-Level I and II



Empower/Connect (Attachment)

Formational Prayer



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