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What Can I Expect at Renew?

If you are new to counseling, you may have some apprehension or general questions about what to expect. We want every person seeking help with Renew to know that they will be honored with professional care and services. That's why everyone who journeys with Renew can expect the following:



Discussions between you and your Clinician are confidential and protected by what is called “privilege”.  Renew will not disclose your private health information or other confidential information without your written consent, unless required by law. Your clinician will discuss exceptions to confidentiality during your first session.

Welcoming Environment

We want everyone seeking services with Renew to experience a comfortable environment whether that be in office, from your home, or in nature. Our invitation is to come as you are and experience care and respect from your first interaction with our team until you complete your journey with us.


Affordable Care

We believe that seeking help should be affordable which is why we work with a multitude of insurance companies and have financial consideration fees for those without insurance who qualify. Major credit cards, cash or checks are accepted and payment is expected at the time of service. Specific pricing will be determined during registration, prior to first session.

To find out more about your rights as a patient click this link:

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